Some of you may know that Maxotek is a one man company. It was always my dream to setup a software company and distribute softwares. During the last few years, I have reached closer to the dream, with Maxotek making a bit of name. Creating intuitive softwares for every day users, has been the main goal.

It has been difficult to do all this, while still pursuing my degrees. Support from the users has been a great encouragement. Last month (25th of May, to be precise), I started working at Global IDs as a Trainee Software Developer using Java technologies. Global IDs specializes in Data Integration on a large scale. Maxotek takes a step back in terms of my priority.

Chances of new softwares being released is very little. But, we will continue to provide technical support to our valued customers. One day, Maxotek will be back as my main goal. But, until then, there is a lot I must learn, especially the software process models and the business aspects of running a company.

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