I spent a complete day trying to find the cause for an access denied error while committing changes to the Maxotek Repository. At first it seemed like a program was using one of the files. However, even restarting the system had no effect. Then, I tried to leave out the culprit file from the commit and wasa greeted by the “Access Denied” message again, only this time without a mention of any file as the cause.

I tried deleting the cached passwords from %AppData%\Subversion\Auth\svn.simple. The next time I got the dialog asking for the account information. I typed the username & password in but still got the error.

While at work, I tried doing the commit and it worked. So, it seemed like an IP address ban. But, then again I don’t have a static IP address. Also, the Update, Revert, Check Out commands worked without a hitch.

Then it occurred that it could be a ban by domain name. I use No-IP to map my dynamic IP address to a domain. So, I changed the domain but the results were the same.

I finally tracked it down to being a case-sensitivity issue in the username. A Check Out, Revert, Update was being allowed from a username User but Commit was not. The actual username being user.

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