Unsurrogater is a product of ours that lets you search for duplicate files in Hard Disk Drives, CD/DVD Roms, USB Flash Drives, FTP Servers, Sharepoint Servers & Compressed Files.

Armed with a plethora of features, Unsurrogater sports a clean user interface that builds on a Job Category based navigation. The duplicate search process itself is very intuitive to start as the wizards guide you to setting up the job.

Search Result

Results are viewed hierarchically in a Tree Table display.

Auto Marking

Files can be marked manually or using the Auto Mark feature that takes hints from the user & automatically selects files across the entire result.


After marking the files, users can choose to perform operations such as copy, move, delete, archive, replace by hard links, etc.


Results can be stored historically for viewing later or exported as an HTML/XML Report.

Result Combination

A key feature of Unsurrogater is the ability to combine the search results of multiple jobs & discover new duplicates. This saves a lot of time as you don’t have to run the job again for the files already scanned.

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