Yesterday, I found an excellent article on how to begin Game Programming using the DirectX API. The tutorials are based on the CLR brothers C# and VB .NET. I would recommend going along with C# because the tutorials are not 100% VB .NET tested.

Since then, I have had to download the Direct X SDK and re-format my Windows partition. Thanks to the power failure attributing to Visual Studio Orcas Uninstallation going berserk. That wasn’t the end of it though. The old nLited Unattended CD of Windows XP SP2 which was backed up on the CD-RW blew as well.

Back to the tutorials! The entire article being well explained is divided into 8 parts. I’ve managed to sail through the first two. Although, I cannot say that everything was crystal clear. This whole venture requires a lot of background learning on the basis of the co-ordinate system and patience is the key.

Here goes the link.

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